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Due to the current crisis of COVID-19 that we are experiencing as a global community, Fulcrum has assembled an internal task force equipped with the required expertise to provide PPE worldwide in addition to other complimentary products and services needed by first responders, those affected and you, our friends. 

PPE News

We operate in a changing world. The need for readiness, flexibility and agility have become increasingly paramount. Obtaining accurate, relevant and up-to-date information is critical. 

The FDA now includes 75 ‘toxic’ hand sanitizers on its list of products to avoid

In the age of routine hand sanitizer use to protect against the novel coronavirus, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is urging consumers to be wary of at least 75 such products because they may contain a toxic chemical.

In a Friday announcement, the federal agency included additional hand sanitizers to its list of those that contain methanol, “a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested and can be life-threatening when ingested.” Methanol is also sometimes referred to as wood alcohol, per the FDA.

Source / Fox news

Shelf-Stable Food Trends in 2020

While the US media reports showing empty shelves in retail outlets suggest that the buying frenzy is universal, currently, less than one in five US consumers claim to have increased their purchase of groceries or other supplies. The emerging situation – with the potential for more consumers being asked to self-quarantine for two weeks – is changing, however, and the opportunity for canned, frozen, and dried products will remain strong.


The Future & Face Shields

The global face shield market by revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 12% during the period 2019-2025.


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