We Are About You

We develop clear, adoptable strategies that get results.

Come experience how we rise to the occasion, and meet you wherever you need us to be.

We provide advisory and consulting services to brands worldwide with a team that resides throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.


Consulting & Business Development

Our leaders possess immense sector knowledge.

We matchmake our team members with each respective client initiative to provide one-on-one advice and strategy that fosters long-term growth and customer / employee satisfaction.

SINCE 1991

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

One of the first 100 U.S. companies internationally certified and registered to operate in China.

We are a full-stack manufacturing and supply chain group with over 30 years of expertise. Whether you’re searching for a factory, or already in production and looking for key improvements – our proven approach and expert team members help you get to market faster. Global brands and retailers, inventors, family businesses, Kickstarters and startups, all trust our hands-on approach to product development and manufacturing.

We also provide consulting to companies importing products into the United States through our Import Savings Plan program - resulting in significant savings for our clients.

- Looking for trustworthy on-the-ground manufacturing support and suppliers in Asia? Prefer custom USA manufacturing solutions vs. commodity products?

- Desire to bring your product idea to reality — and protect design integrity? Want to diversify into new line extensions?

Actual Tennessee Facility

- Require additional IP protection during the product development and manufacturing phase?

We can help.

We redefined “Made in China” and continue to change the landscape of the international manufacturing process in other countries.

No matter how complex your product is, our proven approach, development experts and trusted network of factories produce it right, the first time.


Branding, Strategy & Marketing

An agency with a history of innovation.

We supply our clients with every tool to communicate a brand's story in memorable and relevant ways - paving the way for successful sales and business development initiatives. Hundreds of brands around the globe have received lasting benefits through agency engagements. We cultivate and define a brand's story and value propositions.

Agreement Execution Guarantee™

Financial Protection

A proprietary, one-of-kind instrument of protection.

AEG™ provides complete protection and peace of mind throughout the entire life-cycle of high-value domestic or international transactions; protecting investors, banks, distributors and buyers. The assurance we provide is unparalleled and guarantees obligations made by all parties transacting.

In strategic partnership with Truist®, McGriff® & Travelers®



Unique products for the hospitality industry.

We team up with disruptive brands that produce exceptional products and supply our client network with new, better ways to serve their customers.

Startups - Multinational

Investor Opportunities

Medical, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Real Estate & Beyond.

We provide investors with vetted, Fulcrum approved business models that are turn-key and ready for activation. Whether a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned investment group, our 360 envelope solution powers the environment for sustainable growth and on-going opportunities.

Have an idea or product you want to bring to market? In need of funding or expansion?

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